About 50 Things

In the spring of 2012, my girlfriend and I stumbled across one of those lists – you know, 50 things to do with your kids before they grow up. Some lists have 100 items. Some have 25. There are plenty of variations out there.

The number doesn’t really matter. The point is to get out and do stuff so we decided to make our own list of 50 Things we could do with my son London (who turns four August 29, 2012).

The list is really just a symbol: a daily reminder about the value of presence and how important it is to make the most out of every moment we spend with London (we only have him half the week).

So we’re going to do it all in the next six months.

Some things will be big, some will be small. But they’ll all play an important role in the adventure.

And of course we’ll document each thing on this blog with a photo and corresponding blurb.

Then at the end of six months, we’ll post a highlight reel video of all the things we’ve done. Everything from learning to ski at Whistler, to roasting marshmallows over a campfire for the first time, to riding a camel in India.

Simple, right?

But here’s the thing:  We’re going to keep doing it. So in six months time (give or take), we’ll make a new list. So when he grows up (whatever that means), he’ll have an encyclopedia of experiences, and an unparalleled digital photo (and video) album to prove it.

Let’s go!

Graeme, Suzy and London


12 thoughts on “About 50 Things

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  2. I think it is a great idea! I am sure many people will do the same and wish their parents were as creative and loving as you two. I look forward to following your adventures…

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